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Rašyti by Silvanus Ambrose on Tr. 11 28, 2018 4:08 am

Prieš porą dienų "Toon Blast", pats gazas prieš miegą. Very Happy
Kada paskutinį kartą žiūrėjai video su savo personažu per youtube?

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I was broken from a young age. Taking my sulking to the masses. Write down my poems for the few. That looked at me, took to me, shook to me, feeling me. Singing from heartache from the pain, Taking my message from the veins, Speaking my lesson from the brain, Seeing the beauty through the... And now you made me a believer.

Silvanus Ambrose

Don’t worry, U’ll see me. Did I mention how good I'm at revenge?

Cockiness masking fear, how transparent.
Pranešimų skaičius : 711
Įstojau : 2014-04-22
Miestas : In New York, most people don’t have cars, so if you want to kill a person, you have to take the subway to their house. And sometimes, the train is delayed and you get impatient, so you have to kill someone on the subway. That’s why there are so many subway murders; no one has a car.
Meilė : Having something or someone forbidden is exciting, don't you agree?
Rūšis : Vampire / Warlock (27/2000+)
Klanas : PЦЯΣBɭӨӨD
Darbo paskirtis : Do not pay attention to my cousins. Every family needs a couple idiots and we keep them around for entertainment.

Peržiūrėti vartotojo aprašymą https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgjST3QuZGk

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Rašyti by Katie Reese on Št. 12 08, 2018 1:46 pm

Per daug seniai kad atsiminčiau. ;DD
Kada paskutinį kartą žiūrėjai filmą/laidą apie kieno nors nužudymą?

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"You ever love someone so much you wish things were as simple as kissing their pain away? Because “sorry” doesn’t quite cut it and “give it time” is just too intangible and all you can do is sit there with them, wishing that holding their hand was enough."

Katie Reese

Says the man who can be killed with a stick.

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Įstojau : 2015-10-01
Meilė : Did you ever love someone so much you wish things were as simple as kissing their pain away? SINGLE AT THE TIME.
Draugai : Where were you when I fell from grace? Frozen heart, an empty space. Something's changing, it's in your eyes, please don't speak, you'll only lie.
Rūšis : WITCH / VAMPIRE (29/362)
Darbo paskirtis : She's mad, but she's magic.

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